1. Picking up every Poe currency items. Orb of Chance can be used for trading Chaos Orb, and then exchanging for Exalted Orbs. When you find a desired equipment, you can obtain it by exchanging your currency items.
2. Keeping kill monster while clearing maps. Do not just stand in one place.
3. The experience of the magic monster group is 2.5 times, but it is also harder to play.
4. Change the area to fight in time
5. Avoid terrain areas that are difficult to level, such as areas that are easy to get lost or have a lot of dead ends.
6. When you upgrade, you should keep going forward, and when the monsters gather enough, you can have another pot.
7. Only the task of the mainline task and the reward talent point
8. Avoid strange and difficult to fight, but rare gains.

There is no quick upgrade method in the Path of Exile. In the later stage, the leveling is slow, and death is 10% experience, so it can be said that it is difficult to reach the top.

To reach level 100, you must meet the following conditions: build itself can brush a higher map (78+) and is not easy to die and brush up efficiently, patiently, have the capital to buy a map to prevent high-level map breaks, not to die.

There are players who play POE intermittently for four years. The game duration is about 4500 hours. There is still no 100 level (98 levels x2, 97 levels x1, 96 levels x4, 95 levels x4, 90+ at least 16 total, 80+ countless. Although I didn’t go to the stage, especially when playing the Path of Exile network is not good. However, this also shows that you have to be patient with the 100 level.

Especially not to die, the most important thing to rise to level 100 is to recognize: bosses who are not good at playing and bosses of special bt do not play, you can open the door before the boss to open a non-leveling number to play. In addition, if there is special capital, then only 80+ blueprints will be used, and no gold map will be used. The disadvantage is that it will be easy to break the map. If it is broken, it can only be bought again. The cost of the grade is greatly improved, but it can be more stable. Go to level 100 quickly.